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The following videos are available courtesy of CGCAS member Lou Claudio. 

Prehistoric Canoe Update – May 2014  (8:46)

(Weedon Island Preserve) After 3 years soaking in a tank filled with a preservative solution, the 1,100 year old Native American dugout canoe excavated from Weedon Island Preserve in 2011 has taken a big step closer to going on public display.


Prehistoric Canoe Update - Sept. 2011  (6:32)

The prehistoric dugout canoe excavated at Weedon Island Preserve in March 2011 underwent some maintenance in the preservation process for public display, probably in 2014.


Canoe - 1,100 Years Old - Excavated 3/1/11  (18:05)

On March 1, 2011, a team of archaeologists excavated an 1,100 year old Native American dugout canoe from the shoreline of Tampa Bay in the Weedon Island Preserve. The artifact will have to undergo a 2-year preservation process before it can be displayed at the county's Weedon Island Cultural and Natural History Center.


Prehistoric Canoe Found at Weedon Island Preserve  (5:28)

A May 2008 news report about the discovery of an 1,100 year old Native American dugout canoe on the shores of Tampa Bay, FL.


For the Love of Weedon - Part 1 of 2 (53:35)

A celebration of Weedon Island, from its rich prehistoric and historic heritage to its present day use as a coastal preserve for Pinellas County's education and outdoor activities. Discover all that this special place means to the many diverse groups that have walked its land.

For the Love of Weedon - Part 2 of 2 (1:08:41)


Fossils in Boca Ciega Millennium Park

This video features an excavation of Ice Age fossils at Pinellas County's Boca Ciega Millennium Park which was directed by the FL Museum of Natural History and was concluded in January 2013. (14 mins.)


Ancient Pinellas

Learn about the Pleistocene Epoch fossils found in Pinellas County and also about the ancient Native American presence here, local sites you can visit, and about some of the ongoing archaeological efforts seeking to learn more about Pinellas County's past. (35 mins)