Welcome to the official website of the Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society (CGCAS), the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society.

CGCAS was organized in 1977. We are a State-chartered non-profit organization and have dozens of members from all walks of life. We are dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Florida's great cultural heritage.

Many of our members have some professional association with archaeology, but we also have many avocational/hobbyist members who enjoy being able to learn the history of the peoples who preceded us here in Florida, and to study the artifacts and other history they left behind.

Membership is open to anyone with a sincere interest in the cultural past of Florida and who is dedicated to the understanding and preservation of that heritage.

Monthly meetings are held at the Weedon Island Cultural and Natural History Center in St. Petersburg. CGCAS conducts field trips to archaeological and historical sites, assists professional archaeologists in surveys and excavations, performs laboratory analysis of artifacts and fauna, and prepares reports of its findings. A monthly newsletter keeps members up to date on the Society's activities, upcoming events, book reviews, and other archaeological news.

CGCAS Officers/Directors

President         Becky O'Sullivan - [email protected]
Vice Pres.        Tom Connors - [email protected]
Secretary         Linda Allred - [email protected]
Treasurer         Heather Draskovich - [email protected] 
Directors          Marcie Connors - [email protected]
                       Cheryl Shaughnessy - [email protected]
                       Kassie Kemp - [email protected]
                       Dave Burns - [email protected]
                       Chris Hardy - [email protected]
                       Jamie Rogers - [email protected]
                       Michael Mann - [email protected]
Membership   Kassie Kemp
Web Master   Dawn Hayes
Newsletter      Becky O'Sullivan
Editorial Assistants Bob Austin, Dave Burns