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Thursday, December 21, 2017, 7-8 PM
Zachary Gilmore, Ph.D. Rollins College
Florida’s Container Revolution: The Historical Consequences of Late Archaic Pottery Adoption
Traditional accounts suggest that the adoption of pottery technology in Florida approximately 4,700 years ago came with few, if any, discernible impacts on the hunter-gatherer societies involved. Recent research, however, has revealed a number of important cultural transformations that coincided with pottery’s appearance, including shifts in settlement, exchange, monument construction, and mortuary traditions. New data from the Silver Glen shell mound complex in the middle St. Johns Valley indicate that the earliest pottery vessels played a significant role in ritual feasting events and long distance exchange networks, which integrated people and communities across peninsular Florida. In this way, the new technology helped to challenge preexisting political structures and usher in truly revolutionary change across the region.

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